Sweet, tangy, and tropical.
a tasty blend of fruity flavors.
crisp, cool, and refreshing.
Creamy, smooth, and dreamy.

PUR Pods

What Our Customers Think

pods are good, and shipping was sooooo fast. I ordered them and then 20 minutes later i get an email that they have shipped out already. Thats the kinda service i like!


PUR has my vote!

I love these PUR pods. I was really hesistant to try this new brand but i am happy i did! keep doing what you are doing!

"PUR Fan"

19 years smoking, tried everything. Saw an ad on social media for these PUR ones, so i impulsively purchased. I had it for a few weeks or so. Tried it, haven't had a cigarette since

PUR Pods Mango Flavor (4 Pack) PUR Pods Fruit Flavor (4 Pack) PUR Pods Multipack Flavors (4 Pack) PUR Pods Mint Flavor (4 Pack) PUR Pods Creme Flavor (4 Pack)

Make the switch to pur.

The best alternative to smoking.


OVNS JC01 Starter Kit

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